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Whitetail Deer Hunting in Kansas City


The whitetail deer can range from 100 to 250 pounds and are around 37 to 87 inches long. This kind of deer has a reddish coat in the spring and summer, and a greyish coat in the fall and winter. The whitetail deer is most commonly known for its’ tail which has a white underside. The whitetail deer will raise its tail when threatened to warn other deer nearby. The whitetail is a medium sized deer native to the United States and other surrounding areas.

The bucks regrow their antlers every year and the length and branching of their antlers depends largely on genetics, nutrition and age. It is typical for the antlers to be symmetrical and for the branches to grow off of the main beam.

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Shiloh Ranch offers an authentic big game hunt for great prices.

  • Big Hunt Offers

    • 3-Day Hunt for Single Bull or Buck
    • 1-Day Meat Hunt
    • Rifle or Bow
    • Guide Service, Meals, & Lodging Provided with the 3-Day Hunt
    • Assistance in Cleaning and Landing of your Hunt
  • Big Hunt Pricing

    Meat Hunts

    50% deposit required.* Balance due upon arrival at Shiloh Ranch.
    Payable with cash or cashier checks. No personal checks.

    *deposit is non-refundable

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