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Fallow Deer Big Game Hunting in Kansas City


The typical fallow is around 130 to 220 pounds and about 55 to 63 inches long. The coat of the fallow varies between four main variants: the common, the menil, the melanistic and the leucistic. The common is a chestnut with white mottles, a light-colored area around the tail, and the tail is light with a black stripe. The menil is the same as the common but the spots are more pronounced, and there is no black on the tail. The melanistic is primarily a black shading coat with no spots or coloring on the tail. The leucistic is a white coat with no spots or coloring on the tail.

The antlers on the bucks are shovel-shaped starting at three years. In the first years the antler is a single spike. This deer is native to Eurasia but has been introduced to several other areas around the world. The fallow is a fast deer and can run up to 30 mph, and can jump up to 1.75 meters high.

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